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This web site is intended for mature audiences!
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For those that are confused in regard to this being a sexual website or containing sexually explicit content... the definition of the word " Sexual" can be found here as defined by Webster's Dictionary! So, as defined by Webster's Dictionary,  This is NOT a SEXUAL or a SEXUALLY EXPLICIT website!  However; the government has redefined some guidelines regarding adult content and since my harness does have wrist straps, which are rarely buckled, I now follow the guidelines "as if"  this were a sexually explicit website.  Most all pages of this website do not fall under these guidelines and are exempt.

You are about to enter an area for people interested in role play called Pony Play! Although there may be erotic appeal to some, this is not a place for sexual content or hardcore pornography.  All images and activities within this website can be (and most have been) done in public in accordance with local laws.  However because of the general Adult nature of this fetish it is requested that you be of legal age to enter! Also note, this is not a commercial site, but a hobby site of my interests and the related activities. Be aware that there are links to other web sites, some that may be Adult in nature, some that include nudity, alternate lifestyles and fetishes, and could be considered sexual and provocative.  The human equine and/or the owner of this web site is not responsible for the content on other websites that may be linked from this web site and you consent and acknowledge that it is your own choice and decision to follow any links and that you will not hold this website or the owner of this website responsible for content viewed via links from this web site.

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By Entering this web site, You confirm that you are of legal age. You confirm that you understand the content of this site deals with people who role play as horses (considered to be called human horses, human ponies, human equine, pony boy/girl, etc...) and/or rider/trainer/groomers and that some of the stories, images and content of this site could be considered by some as for mature audiences. You acknowledge and confirm you consent to view this web site of your own free will and will not hold the website or it's owner liable for material you might find offensive.  You also agree to not  post, alter, link, or distribute in any form ANY of the content of this site (this INCLUDES text, graphics and images both still and video) without prior written consent. The use of our banner and a link to this index page ARE permitted without written consent..



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