Status as of May 1, 2010 - In January of 2010 I was informed by Mistress Gwen that she has given the IPPC event to the producers of Beyond Leather.. As of this date, I have no other word on the event at this time. Please do NOT contact me for information, contact the staff at Beyond Leather. You should find their email on their website.

International Pony Play Championships

The IPPC event itself has been given to and moved to be a part of the Beyond Leather event. It's been months since I was given this information with no word from the Beyond Leather owners, or any other information from the powers that be. So, I have reworked the website to a memorial of the event from the beginning until 2008. 2009 was still at the Minnesota location but I was not in attendance nor have I received any photos to share... but there are plenty of the first 3 years!

Enjoy and please remember, these images are here for you to enjoy but are protected by copyright so please do not take them and post them everywhere! Just post the website link instead!!

Thanks and enjoy!

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