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Ms Venus Divine

Ms Venus DivineMs Venus Divine

See also her Clips 4 Sale store! Be sure to send her a request to see her riding The Human Equine™ again!!!

Note She recently introduced me to a lovely woman named Domina Vontana. She also helped with my medical fund raising. She is truly a great woman and good friend!

March 2006, after having added her to my desired riders list and a few email correspondence about pony play and her desire to have a horse, we finally met.

She had scheduled a visit to the DC area and planned to spend the Saturday of her visit learning to ride her horse trigger. I offered to pick her up at the airport and enjoyed a nice conversation as we drove to her hotel.

The next day, she invited me to have dinner with her and to talk over some ideas for some projects that we had briefly mentioned in our drive from the airport. Her company is awesome and her ideas were like we had been sharing them for years. I'll not get into what they are as of yet, but they will be a lot of fun if/when we can get them set up.

Saturday morning I went back to the airport to pick up holly, who would be doing her video camera work for her riding. We were to then pick Miss Venus Divine up at her hotel and head out to the country for some riding. She had mentioned she has been doing some traveling and schedules with Sable Strong from Philadelphia. To my delight, when I picked her up at her hotel Saturday morning, this beautiful black woman was accompanying her, Sable Strong, and in her tight jeans and boots looked like she was ready to ride <yum>.

We arrived at the riding location and I tacked up. Miss Venus Divine mounted from the ground and rode for about 10 minutes, getting the feel for her horse, her balance, and just things in general. She had done a heavy scene the night before and her back was very sore, but even with that being a distraction, she was really determined to ride.

She had me trotting a lot and I realized how my winter habits had played a part in my shortness of breath. Still, she used her diamond handled riding crop and wanted to trot. I am very confident there will be many hours of her mounted on her horse in the future! In fact, her friend Princess Kali (from which I found Miss Venus Divine) has acquired a human horse and there has been talk about some double riding and such, maybe even with 3 human horses and including Sable Strong. There is also talk of 24/7 ownership but nothing that has been confirmed as a total interest event though she does have the option now.

After the riding, we went to The Crucible for the LF&P vending fair. It was nice running in to so many people and friends, among them the most beautiful Mistress Tyler who is just ALWAYS so nice (and so beautiful!)! We spent a while also talking with Petey & Dean and the wonderful people from Lens of Lust.

There was also some talk about some other non pony projects and I feel sure there might be something to look forward to in those areas as well. As of this update (2009) she has relocated to the Las Vegas area. Dare I offer some extened riding times in the canyons nearby?.. yes, I dare!!

Here are some of the photos of this most beautiful woman with a killer body! The first row are some newer photos she sent to me to share with you, the 2nd and 3rd rows are some of my favorites of her, then some of her riding. Oh, and yes I have to include the photo of her in pantyhose and her killer rear! I would have to say she is on the very TOP of ALL my lists, I just love Ms Venus Divine!!

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