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I have had a web site since the late 1990's and even before that I had the free tripod type site to share my interests and experiences as a human equine and regarding my interests in pony play. More specifically, it has been a way to express my growing desire to experience and live AS a horse 24/7/365. As they say, all good things come to those who wait.

Having met many ladies over the years, and many with interests and desire to own a human horse 24/7, there have been several that I thought would be the lady who would take the option for ownership. Most did/do not have the facilities and locations to do so but thought they might eventually. Then I was introduced to Mistress Gwen Freestorm.

Upon the first meeting, there was a feeling of a connection. We later had a chance to meet again when I visited her place for the 2006 International Pony Play Championships. Although we only had a short ride there, the connection of horse and rider was apparent. She has a great personality but also is a cautious and thought oriented woman. At the event, she took the option and started processing the mindset and logistics. She has 160 acres that backs to a wildlife refuge with over 1000 acres and miles and miles of trails. Most of her neighbors know she is somewhat different so these obstacles were not there as they were with so many others. She also has 30 years in the horse business and plenty of experience in keeping and taking care of horses.

Mistress Gwen also loves riding a human horse and has been doing so for many years with several local (to her) ponies. This I also find exciting as I know it's not just a short lived desire or passing fancy. Now, a lot of people like the female all fancied up in makeup and such, and I have to admit Mistress Gwen Freestorm does fix up extremely well, she is VERY hot! But to be honest, knowing she is a true horsewoman and seeing her in her day to day horse woman mode has been a greater thrill and turn on to me than seeing her in fetish or dress clothing (even pantyhose.. well, ok,.. maybe not pantyhose <weg>)!

In early 2007, Mistress Gwen called and said she had been giving a lot of thought to me and that the option for ownership I had given to her was something she was seriously thinking about. A week or so later, she informed me she was taking that option and was making a few areas of alterations at her place to accommodate the human horse life 24/7, more specifically for the winter months. She said she would have things in order by the fall of 2007. As it turned out, it was more like mid July 2007.

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The aspect of 24/7 as a horse is not easy for most to understand and comprehend, but to each his/her own. We live in a mostly free country to do things we want to do and it's my hope that doing this it can be done succesfully for the benefit of us both.

For those that understand, know me, and such... thank you for your support and know I am where I want to be. For those that do not, please just know this is a willing decision. Our country talks about our freedoms yet we are so limited to enjoy these said freedoms as our government still wants to control our lives (for our own good). No matter what happens, I want to formally state that her ownership and my being kept as her horse, 24/7, is all 100% totally and with consent, of free will, and with a written agreement and that in no way should Mistress Gwen Freestorm be judged, accused, or ridiculed for her actions in taking ownership and possession of me as her 24/7 horse.

Mistress Gwen Freestorm was the first to seriously take the option for ownership of a human horse 24/7. In 2007, within 60 days of her taking the option, I was living on her farm. She had the brand being made, had purchased some electrical devices to be used as an electric fencing system for a human equine, and was for the most part all set for her ownership. Unfortunatly, some personal family health issues with her husband developed about the same time and prevented this from going into full mode. Just barely a year later, and after an emotional time with the loss of her husband (who was an excellent ponyboy in his own right, accepting of our desires, and a new found friend), we parted with the option remaining in force.

The main reason for the parting is that we have become too close as personal "human" friends and the emotions invovled in the loss of her companion just couldn't give the comfort level to go into an ownership/horse mode at this time.

For the record, she does and always will have the option and first right of refusal to take ownership and possession of me to be her horse 24/7 for life. I am hoping this will actually happen by the summer of 2010 but time will tell and it is totally in her hands. Either way, I have agreed to where her brand as a sign of admiration and my committement to her original "taking of the option" (even though it did not come to full fruitation). I will also be visiting on short term basis as her horse, these durations to be determined by her, in the coming months/years and until total owernship occurs.

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