Mistress Brianna

Here is a small video of Mistress Brianna riding her horse trigger. Enjoy
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Note: It seems her website is no longer active. I do know she was making some changes in her life but have not talked with her in a while. I do wish her the best and hope to re-establish contact with her soon.

It is strange how you see someone that has a particular look that just really grabs you and doesn't let go. For me, Mistress Brianna is one of those ladies. She is one of the few "most beautiful women" I have ever seen. Not only killer looks, but a killer build & figure.

My first impression with her in a short skirt and hose (I even think they were pantyhose-a fetish of mine) drove me nuts! I also saw her at Black Rose 2000 and WOW does she look great in blue jeans! Her warm and peaceful personality is timeless. On her web site she mentions that she doesn't do pony play. My heart was broken to realize this beautiful woman had no desire to ride a human horse.

Having exchanged email a time or two and having met at a few events (and even planned for a possible ride) I was concerned and sent her an email asking about this. She is such a wonderful woman and wrote back explaining that it is a lack of room and equipment and not a lack of interest. She has to be the most genuine person (& Pro Dom) ever! I guess that also shows that she isn't going to do anything if she can't do it right, bravo!

Mistress BriannaMistress Brianna during the HBO Video Shoot

Now, since the first listing here a lot has changed. First, at Leather Retreat 2001, I was given to Brianna by Miss Bonnie for an hour to try riding a human horse. After LR, I asked her if she would consider being my rider and owner for the HBO Real Sex taping. She agreed. We spent a few hours working on her mounting from the ground and riding and away we went to Dallas for 3 days of her riding me in 100+ degree weather.

She is perfect at mounting from the ground, and riding me as her horse. It is a shame that she doesn't have an interest in riding on a regular basis (as we are in the same area). The HBO show has now aired and is in re-runs on various HBO channels. It is REAL SEX 28 and you can find the listing by doing a search on HBO.com.

On a final note, as of this writing, Brianna now has the longest single duration of riding having been on me for more than an hour at a time as well as the most frequent times of riding me. I do hope these times with her will someday increase!

Be sure to remember her birthday (December 1) and send her a present such as spurs, riding whips, anything equestrian so she might get the idea <weg> to ride her human horse again! I love you Mistress Brianna!

Here are some images to enjoy. These were all done on film and slides so they are scanned and therefor some of the quality is not as clear but you can still enjoy her beauty! You can view more images of this great rider in HBO Gallery. The last three are photos for some promotional video work with her friend Irene Boss

photo photo photo photo photo photo

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