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Samantha Rathbon aka Dollmate

Samantha Rathbon aka DollmateSamantha Rathbon aka Dollmate

In the first exchange of email there was an interest in owning The Human Equine, not the basic "scene" version but literal ownership as property. She later decided I was too "willing" and that her enjoyment over being forceful on the unwilling could not be found. With my interests and mindset I do understand her theory and thoughts on this. The thing is my thoughts on this are from my true inner feelings and not the obvious "too willing" that it appears in my openess of ownership. It's more that I feel it is my destiny than my desire that I be owned AS a horse. I truly know that once I am owned, truly owned, as a horse that within a very short period of time I will not be willing or have the desire any longer. This is what I explain to some as "non consensual consent".

To explain my "non consensual consent" aspect I shall give an example of skydiving. You have the choice to get in the airplane, put on the parachute, and to "commit" to the jump. When you jump you consent. Yet no matter what happens, no matter how much you want to stop or turn back, you can not. You HAVE to endure for the duration. There is no turning back, no stopping, like it or not, willing or unwilling... you have to go ALL THE WAY!

This is the same theory in my ownership as a Human Equine horse desire. I feel it is my fate to do this so I must "jump" or consent. Yet I know I would not want to go the duration, to endure more than I actually "want" to endure. It will be unwilling when it comes to be. This is probably all the more reason I desire to be owned by Samantha as I know it would truly be ownership and that of being her horse with no thought or concern of the human aspects or rights.

Briefly, there is a feeling of a horse soul in me which gives me the "willing" desire to be the horse and endure "as" her horse for whatever style of riding she enjoys. A true horse has no choice, but I choose to be a horse.. therefore I must be willing. To some point, this is true. But I also feel, as with bio horses, that the nature of a horse to start with is willing. So, how would it be that different owning The Human Equine as a horse as with any bio horse? The willingness is in the initial consent but changes quickly depending on the use. This is true with both bio horses and The Human Equine.

The other side of the coin is that I also know that I'm not a pain slut, I don't truly enjoy being forced and used to extremes. I know that if I were to be the horse for Samantha, within the first few minutes I would no longer be "willing" and the human in me would be wishing I had never given of myself. From then on, it would truly be "unwilling" and forced, yet just as with any bio horse, still having no choice.

I hope that made sense... As for Samantha. She enjoys extreme riding. I had her listed here for many years until her web site closed. Now that I found her again, I HAVE to have her listed here as one of my most desired ladies to ride, train, and own!

In one of her early emails she wrote in response to my websites..." I specially like the pantyhose site. I and my friend love pantyhose, and I also like to ride with them. Also looking for a good and durable human pony..." and she continues talking about spurs " This spurs from the one girl drives me nuts, I would love to buy them...I would drive those in my lazy pony til they meet in the midle. I cant wait. Seem sharp enough to cut good. I collect spurs, the more wicked the better, and I use them, I love to use them...if you know a real submnissive pony ( human I want to try now) in Europe, let me know, and him too!"

I still stay optimistic that she will someday take her option for ownership... transport me to her barn where I shall never escape and shall always be her horse enduring the extreme riding she so enjoys. To experience the true feelings of being her owned horse, AS her horse... totally with no escape! For most that sounds strange, but I'm just sharing my inner most thoughts. At least, I do hope some riding and/or temporary ownership activities.

Here are some images of this 6' tall 137 pound hot woman to enjoy. She reminds me a lot of Yvonne Honsa who also loved hard riding. They are from the same country, if I recall corectly, and I am wondering if they may not even know each other or be friends.. see my info on Yvonne for more thoughts on that. Of course, the photo of her riding on the shoulder shows how great her posture and balance is, how natural for her it is to ride this type of horse... I should be that horse for her, don't you think?

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