Mistress Antoinette

Mistress AntoinetteMistress Antoinette

Way back before the Internet, there were several fetish & contact magazines that I would look for anytime I was near a book store that carried them as well as mail order. "Reflections" & "Kinky Contacts" by Mistress Antoinette were one of the ones I regularly purchased.

There were 2 ladies that I looked for regularly in the magazines and dreamed of for being their human horse and human face seat cushion. Mistress Antoinette and one of the models (she's named as Karen in the magazines-see top right photo).

To my knowledge, the model was just a model and not actually into any lifestyle activities, but it seemed obvious that Mistress Antoinette had a passion for it. There was also a lady in a lot of her publications from New Orleans that I found really hot but I never knew her name.

Now, with the internet, I had found her "online" ezine. It seems almost everything has evolved to online versions and most without printed counterparts. It has since gone offline as well. No matter, I still have a burning desire to be used by her for her enjoyment as her horse (or object). And to have a gallery of images of her riding.. or a video.. wow.. I still think she is SOOOOO HOT!

The first 2 photos below are with a woman named "Angela". I think these 2 ladies with their boots and guns need a human horse to ride!!! I also could not resist the equestrian photo on the bottom right here! yum

photo photo photo photo photo photo

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