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Riding Lady IsabellRiding Lady Isabell

I receive email from many people who want links up, want to be a pony and find a rider, etc.... I am a supporter of female oriented businesses, both on and offline. Anytime I am introduced to a beautiful woman, especially one who loves riding horses (bio and/or human) I just have to include her on my desired riders list!

So, Kristina sent me a short note of introduction to her and a few friends who offer clips for sale on riding their bio horses. I asked if I could include them in my desired riders list and if she would send me a photo to share... The first she sent me is of Riding Lady Isabell.

I do not have any bio information or interests information on her (yet), except to know she likes to ride her bio horse hard. You may also note she is wearing a pair of spurs (I just bought a pair like those for riders who desire using these type of spurs... it should always be the rider's choice and some riders desire them but do not own them.. I always try to help <weg>).

I do hope someday that these lovely ladies will have a "thank you for putting my links up" party and take turns riding a human horse for a while... and who knows, maybe they would decide to own a human horse for life, to enjoy and ride just as they do their bio horses.

Do give your support to these lovely equestriennes! One final note and update, on her FetLife profile she says I just ride bio horses, always dressed and never nude and don't do human ponyplay. It truly is a shame, although it may be that she hasn't seen a "Human Equine" as opposed to a pony boy. And yes,there is a difference.

No matter, she will always be a MOST DESIRED rider of The Human Equine™!

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