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Please Note that some of the gallery images are now on pages that relate to the images. For example, in the past riders comments box you'll find small image galleries, as well as in the Journal Section. Most of the newer images will be included in those areas but may also appear here. Some of the Galleries, Journals, and Riders Comments may be cross referenced and even include the same imagery. I do this since not everyone will look at the same pages therefore, reducing the chance of missing imagery that may be relevent or enjoyable. I hope this makes sense. Thanks for understanding and your patience.

The Human Equine Imagery

Liz riding her horse trigger in 2005Liz riding her horse trigger in 2005
Maetresse Liliane makes her horse jumpMaîtresse Liliane makes her horse jump
Julia riding the trail for Born in a BarnJulia riding the trail for "Born in a Barn"
Karen KleinMistress Karen Klein rides her horse trigger in the woods
Jenn rides her horse in Central ParkJenn rides her horse in Central Park
Miss Kitty works the horse hardMiss Kitty riding trigger for photo shoot
Beauty on the beachBeauty rides her horse trigger on the beach near San Diego
Eric KrollEric Kroll Photo Shoot, San Francisco 1998
Domme DelilahDomme Delilah Animated Image using her Single Tail Whip
Brianna on trigger for HBO Real sexBrianna on her horse trigger during the HBO Real Sex #28 Shoot
Sheri rides her horse for video clipsSheri rides her horse for video clips
Contessa with her horse in his stallContessa with her horse in his stall
A Rider At Black RoseA Rider at Black Rose
Lady Zen Riding Her Horse In the California RedwoodsLady Zen Riding Her Horse In the California Redwoods
LunaTig Rides Her Horse TriggerLunaTig Rides Her Horse Trigger for FAD Derby Day
WhipMaker's Girl Rides triggerWhipMaker's Girl Rides trigger in Florida

I have always loved taking photos, but once I saw photos of me as a horse with a beautiful rider, I become interested in that imagery as well. It looks so natural to see a woman riding me as her horse, as much as seeing a woman on a bio horse. The beauty and the beast, so to speak.

In this redesign I am completely editing all the images, where possible, to give a better quality and consistency to the web site and imagery. Please bare with me as some of the older galleries may not be online for a while as some of those images are harder to relocate. A majority of the images that were in the gallery are being moved to be included in other areas of the web site such as in the Journal Postings or Past Riders areas and such.

Galleries that will be posted here are those that may not have a journal entry or for some reason required a special gallery section. You may find the same gallery in some of the "VIDEO IMAGERY" listings as well as the "STILL IMAGERY" listings. As more Video Projects are done there will be less Still Imagery Galleries. Why? Because the still photos from these shoots will be featured exclusively in the "Video Pages" section.

Still Imagery

Cable TV Show Shoot - May 12, 2012 - A great time was had and this is one of my all time favorite ladies and riders!! Olivia is just a special lady! I would love to be her horse!! Enjoy the few images taken by her partner on his phone camera.

Cable TV Show Shoot - December 2, 2011 - What a birthday present, a day early but still a great way to celebrate! Shooting video for a major cable tv chanel, and we hope it gets accepted. It was a blast with a most beautiful and excellent rider. Has anyone noticed how beautiful the ladies in Massachusetts are?

North Carolina - May 26, 2011 - I attended and gave a workshop on pony play at this wonderful event for FAD. Here are a few images from that day. Several more riders did not have their photo taken but those that did have graciously allowed me to share them with you. Very Hot Riders Indeed!

Columbus, Ohio - April 2010 - Former rider and friend Miss Amy brings along her friend Tera Torment for some riding photos and riding fun! Here are links to the individual gallery.

Karen Klein - March 2009 - She has riden The Human Equine™ on several occasions and is a natural on her horse and the trail!

Paige Hall - March 2009 - Introduced to riding The Human Equine™ by her friend Karen Klein, enjoy some images of this hot young woman on her horse and the trail!

Birthday Party for Spice - February 2009 - I was invited to come be the riding horse and entertainment at the Birthday party for a wonderful woman known as "Spice". Here are a few images from that wonderful night!

Lifestyle Alternatives Center Palm Beach - January 2009 - Friday night we did objectification with The Face Seat Cushion™ then all day Saturday it was pony play workshop and riding. I had some great riders including Mere and Whip Maker's Girl! LOTS of photos from their PAG photographers.

Domme Delilah - September 2008 - 6' Amazon Beauty Domme Delilah and her first visit to ride trigger, captured on Video and Photos!

Amazon Angie - September 2008 - Amazon Angie went with some friends to watch them ride trigger. She decided she wanted to try as well and here are some images of this hot young woman riding her horse trigger!

Roxy Rides - May 2008 - A cute young and petite rider who enjoyed a day of riding on her horse trigger!

Christy Rides - 2008 - Christy came to the farm and did some riding on her horse trigger. Enjoy some of the photos of her ride.

Mistress Liliane - January 2008 - Introduced by Madam Wilcox, Mistress Liliane enjoyed a day of riding through Deloris Park in San Francisco, California. Nice views of the city in the background.

Madam Wilcox - January 2008 - Madam Wilcox enjoyed a day of riding through Deloris Park in San Francisco, California. Nice views of the city in the background with some nice jumps and such.

International Pony Play Championships - 2006 was the first year, this gallery features photos from that year, 2007 and 2008.

Mistress Gemini and Friend - I was asked to travel to Hollywood to shoot the Trya Banks Show. They were generous enough to allow me to stay a few days and do some riding fun with some new friends. Here are some wonderful images of the most hot and demanding Mistress Gemini. She brought along a friend who you can also see a little of.

Austin, Texas Visits - Several trips to Austin and many riders and images. Because of this, I have one gallery for a few images of various riders and individual galleries of other riders where there were a lot more images.

Miss Kitty Photo/Video Shoot in North Carolina - 2007 - Mostly images of Miss Kitty Black and her first all day ride on trigger.

Miss Venus Divine Rides - Her first ride, images of this hot young woman riding her horse in Maryland.

Mistress Sable Strong Rides - This is her first ride as well. She came with Miss Venus Divine for an afternoon of riding The Human Equine!

Mistress Lynn's Party - January 2005 - About 10 ladies and a few subs gathered for a pampering party for Mistress Lynn's friends. She offered a human horse to ride as well. Several ladies took advantage and enjoyed some riding fun.

Jenn Rides Trigger in Central Park - The very hot and sensual Jenn aka Sissy Princess took a ride on Trigger in Central Park during the weekend of Cinekink and the showing of "Born In A Barn".

Halloween F&F Ball in Las Vegas - This was a great weekend trip... First Indianapolis then Las Vegas for the Halloween F&F Ball. Enjoy many of the images of me being ridden as well as a few images of some desired riders!

Goddess Carol, Mistress Tuesdayy™ and Mistress Danielle - My first visit to these lovely ladies. I spent 4 days as a 24/7 horse there and they were fantastic owners! I returned and we did some riding before going to the Fantasy and Fetish Ball to do a performance.

Liz Glamour Rides Trigger - There are several sets of photos of this hot and very tall woman rideing her horse trigger. Liz is one of the all time best riders I have ever endured and I would truly love to be her horse 24/7! I do hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed being her horse.

Michelle Rides for Born In A Barn - The same day Liz rode me in 2002, Michelle rode me. This was a day of shooting for the film "Born In A Barn".

Bella Rides After October 2004 Workshop - After the VH1 Show, Bella contacted me and set up a pony play workshop for her local group in Virginia. After the workshop, she did some riding! Enjoy these photos of this hot young equestrienne.

Jinx Rides At Pony Play Event In Kentucky - A wonderful time was had at this pony play event held at The Farm in Kentucky. Enjoy some of the images of the lovely pony girl name Jinx as she does some riding on her own Human Equine!

Mistress V Rides At Workshop - Mistress V attended a workshop I did in the Clearwater area of Virginia. Here is a small gallery of her riding.

Leather Retreat 2004 - Most of the images were taken by the awesome Barbara Nitke and feature Randy Minxx in her Wonder Woman Outfit. There are a few other images as well. For other Leather Retreat info, see the Journal Pages.

The Filming of Playboy's Sexcetera - In the summer of 2004 we traveled to a location in rural West Virginia to tape the segment for The Playboy Channel. Here are some images from the rides that took place that weekend. You can read about it in the Journal Section.

Beauty on the Beach and Canyon - 2004 - A long time friend of mine, Beauty invited me out to visit and we were able to do some riding on the beach and in a canyon... fun fun!! Enjoy these images of this awesome rider!

Pony Day at The Crucible - Several years there was an event called Pony Day at The Crucible. Here are some of the images from these events!

Lady Wolfe Rides - August 2003 - Doing a workshop in Virginia gave me some time to spend with the wonderful Lady Wolfe. A pony girl herself, she also loves riding and is most excellent!

Miss Lilly Rides Her Horse - April 2003 - I had known her for several years prior to this day but this was the first day she actually rode. What great memories!

Miss Varian Rides Her Horse - Various - She first came to ride with Mill Lilly. She has since ridden many times and is one of my all time favorite ladies and riders! I so love being her horse!

Carriage Woods, a Variety of Imagery Mostly around 2002 - Lady Contess and several ladies enjoyed using The Human Equine™ as their beast of burden on the trails here. Enjoy some of the various Imagery from CW.

6' Amazon Mistress Golden - Various Dates - From MiChatsOhs and Carriage Woods, Imagery of this tall Amazon Goddess riding her horse trigger.

Tam - Various Dates - The camera woman for most of the video shot for Born In A Barn, Tam enjoys a few riding occasions on her horse.

Daisy Rides - December 2002 - A pantyhose model who took a ride on trigger after a shoot. Enjoy the images of this hot young woman on her horse!

Mistress Minax Visits - February 2002 - She came to the DC area for an event and arranged to take some time for a trip to the country to rider her horse trigger! An awesome equestrienne!

Piper Pony rides Trigger - An accomplished equestrian, this pony girl took to riding trigger a few times. Enjoy the imagery of this riding Goddess and most awesome pony girl!

The HBO Video Shoot - July 6, 2001 - Several of us went to a location just south of Dallas in the summer of 2001 to shoot an episode of HBO's Real Sex (#28). Here is a gallery of some of the fun we had. You can read more about the experience in the Journal Page.

Dog and Pony Show at Castlebar - The second year I attended this wonderful event in San Francisco at Castlebar. Some images of some hot riders including a 6'2" Amazon Goddess!! You can read about my first year's visit in the Journal Entry for 2000 where 6' Mistress Zoe and Damion rode me.

Lady Kisn Riding Gallery from 2000 - She first rode me at Leather Retreat, then came to shoot for "Pony Play in the U.S.A.". Later she rode me at Black Rose. This is one of my all time favorite riders!!

Erotic Thoroughbreds 2000 - A few have given the ok to show their pics.. this should be updated soon. For now, here's a sample featuring 3 of my favorite riders of the day!

Leather Retreat 1999 - My first year at the event and wow!! I had several fantastic riders and was hooked on the event!

Yankee Pankee TV Show - My first TV show as a human pony was done for Rapido Productions in the UK. It was called Yankee Pankee. Here are a few images from the shoot.

Lady Sinn Rides Her Horse - She agreed to ride me for a demo in Atlanta so we practiced. Most of these images are from the practice in 100+ degree weather!

Tearanny Rides - A friend of mine introduced me to Tearanny way back in the 90s. We drove to West Virginia where she lived and I spent a few days with her riding. Here are some images from that trip!

Diversions 1998 and 1999 - One of the first events I ever attended and was the first time I was ever asked to be ridden as a horse. Such great memories of some fantastic riders!

Mistress Ridehard & Mistress Whiplash - August 1998 - After the first Erotic Thoroughbreds event and my visit with Mistress Lalique, I visited the farm of Mistress Ridehard. Here are a few photos from that great visit!

Madame Dr. Lusk Rides - Several visits to this beautiful petite riding woman and these are the images to enjoy. Scanned from prints but the imagery is still worth looking at!

Mistress Lalique Visit 2 - Photos from the second and/or third visit to Mistress Lalique's place. Some of these were taken at a night club on the dance floor.

A Trip To California - 1998 - Paul Reed and I took a trip to California for a workshop at QSM, a meeting and day of riding with Mistress Ice and friends, A photo shoot with Eric Kroll and a day of riding in the Redwoods. Fun times!

Video Imagery

Miss Amy - Having ridden trigger at an event, she wanted to get out and do some outside riding with her friend Miss Tera.

Goddess Carol - An equestrienne with bio horses that she and her daughter enjoy, she also loves the human equine as well. Having hosted trigger as her 24/7 horse in the past and plans to do so more often, she and her daughter are both all time great riders.

Christy - A hot young woman who started riding The Human Equine™ on a lease use agreement. She also agreed to do so on camera. If you like to see riding with the use of a riding quirt, you'll love Christy!

Cimmeria - On her first ride she had the video camera set up on a tripod to share with all. If you like the Amazon rider, you're sure to love 6' 200+ Cimmeria!

Domme Delilah - On a visit to Minnesota, she spent a wile riding her horse trigger. This 6' Amazon rode in jeans one day and in black tights on the trail the next day. She also secured her "human" (horse) to a tree for a sound single tail lashing!

Mistress Gwen Freestorm - She was taking ownership and possession of trigger to be her horse 24/7 but just after his arrival, some issues within her personal family caused this to be put on hold. By the time it had been worked out, a year later, the emotions and friendship was in the way of just going on forward so distance has been established to try and loose those close "human" feelings so that she might take possession of her horse again to be totally her horse 24/7 as planned and desired. For now, some video fun of her riding her horse trigger.

Mistress Karen Klein - A fantastic young and petite rider, Karen Klein and her friend Paige enjoy some riding fun on their horse trigger.

Miss Kitty - A very hot built woman came down from Michigan to North Carolina to spend some time riding trigger. Enjoy the imagery of this hot, tight jeans wearing, Dominant Female!

Paige Hall - Karen Klein brought her along for some trail riding fun and you can see her first short ride via the video clips.

Miss Roxy - A model who had an interest in riding The Human Equine™ and agreed to do so on camera. Enjoy this hot young and petite rider take her horse out through the fields and wet areas for a nice ride... first mount, first ride... !

SheriFox - From working in the past as a peace officer to cowgirl, Sheri has been around horses all of her life. She rides both bio and human horses as well as enjoys the role as a pony girl. You are sure to enjoy her riding trigger imagery!

Miss Tera - Miss Amy invited Miss Tera along to try riding and having some fun with trigger. There are sure to be more riding fun with this lovely rider.

DVD Imagery

I have been doing some riding clips over the last year or so, these are available in the Clips 4 Sale store. Some video is also available on DVD. I have also helped in the production of "Slut Stallion" for Mistress Gwen. It is also available in the stores and on DVD. You can order the DVD directly from me via at a discounted price over the price in the Clips Stores, or if you prefer may order them from the stores.

I will also put the video clips on a DVD disk and send them to you if you prefer over having to download the clips.

Click on the image to view the DVD cover.

Delilah DVD CoverDelilah DVD
Slut Stallion DVD CoverSlut Stallion DVD Cover

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